About the Amsterdam Vespa Club

AmsterdamVespaClub was started in approx. 1998 by some “crazy” Vespa fans (English, Dutch etc. etc.) living in Amsterdam. Though we focus mainly on classic pre-1986 manual shifting twostroke Vespa scooters we welcome pretty much any classic scooter to the rideouts & forum (such as Lambrettas, Heinkels, Zundapps, Motor Rumis, IWLs, Maicos etc etc, as long as it’s from 1940 to 1985ish).

We used to have ride outs in & around Amsterdam every month or so but lately we don’t meet as often as we used to. Nevertheless we always welcome initiatives for riding or meeting, just post a few lines or tag us on Instagram or Facebook, pick a date to meet at the Nieuwmarkt and people will usually join the fun. Besides that, we (used to) often visit other scootering events around Holland or Germany, Belgium or the UK. Post a message on the the aformentioned social media to see if someone likes to meet on Sunday’s at the IJ-Brouwerij for a pint or two. It’s next to the windmill in Amsterdam Oost. Wanna join the club? We’re not an official Vespaclub, try VCNH (click) if you’re into official Vespa club stuff. For us, it’s way less formal. Just take some initiative, turn up at the brewery once in a while and join the ride-outs. After that: hang in there and pray, we may invite you in eventually.  😉

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